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Mon, Apr 27, 2015
Standard Quick-Guard Fencing with Mesh

A brief interview with Joy Douglas, Product Marketing Lead, QuickGuard® Fencing, on the 'True Costs of Safety Fence Guarding'.

Question:What is the first step that a company must include to discover the true costs of purchasing safety fencing to guard a hazardous machine?

JD: "First, planning and performing a risk assessment must be a part of the process prior to designing any machine safeguard fencing. ABB JOKAB SAFETY understands how important risk assessments are to the overall success of the machine safeguarding solution and we can assist our customers in completing the process".

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Understanding Machine Safety: A Systems Approach

Today’s manufacturers often struggle to see beyond the current misunderstandings of machine safety and how it is accomplished. Their approaches are often narrow in vision, and focused on components that need to be purchased, or some new item implemented to improve part of the machine safety system. These companies should be focusing on the larger picture, the machine safety system as a whole, if it meets safety standards, and if the design will properly protect those who are exposed to any hazards the machine may present.

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