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Wed, May 06, 2015

MKey 4 Tongue interlock safty switches

ABB JOKAB SAFETY MKey4 Safety interlock switches are designed to provide position interlock detection for moving guards. They are designed to fit to the leading edge of sliding, hinge or lift off mahcine guards.

MKey 4 SS Head HD Flexible actuator
MKey 4 Stainless Steel Head with Heavy Duty Flexible actuator

MKey 4 Standard SS Actuator
MKey 4 Standard Stainless Steel actuator

Hinged Lid Replaceable Contact Blocks
MKey 4 Head Rotation
Head Rotates to give 4 actuator entry positions

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  • They offer a compact 86mm long body to fit to applications where space is restricted
  • Have 3 pole contacts and choice of 3 conduit entries for wiring versatility
  • Head can be rotated to give atuator entry positions
  • For extra durability, Flexible Actuators and Stainless Steel head versions are available
  • Available with 40N holding force
  • Contact blocks are replaceable

Hinged guard
Hinged guard

Sliding guard
Sliding guard

Lift Off guard
Lift Off guard



Actuator Options

Flat Short actuator

Angled actuator

Plastic Flexible actuator
Plastic Flexible